What is the Best Type of Pregnancy Pillow in the Market?

Pregnancy Pillow Guide has taken time to research, test and review all the various types and designs of the pregnancy pillow. Without further adieu here are what we would say are the BEST pregnancy pillow in the market:



  • The cover is removable for you machine wash

  • Made of one hundred percent polyester fiberfill

  • Great support for back and belly during pregnancy

  • Elevates body is into a comfortable nursing / semi-fetal position
Product Description:

The Snoogle pregnancy pillow is a full-body pillow that is specially designed to follow the natural contours of your whole body. The upper portion of this pregnancy pillow is shaped like a horseshoe and supports your head as it can be curved in or out to adjust to the desired pillow height. The long middle portion of the Snoogle pregnancy pillow supports your back and tummy. The slightly curved end tucks nicely between your knees to help keep you relax and be comfortable all night long. After baby arrives, you can use your Snoogle pregnancy pillow to cushion your baby as you breast feed, too. As mentioned earlier, this pregnancy pillow has a Removable/washable cover for ease of use.

Pregnancy Pillow Guide Rating: 9.5/10


The Cuddle Pregnancy Pillow by Boppy kinda looks like a big bean. The design of this pregnancy pillow is for the woman undergoing pregnancy to sleep on her side as the recommended sleep position for women is sideways. This uniquely-shaped pregnancy pillow supports just under the belly (not so much support for the head / nech, you use different pillows for that) helping mom-to-be get a comfortable, good-night's sleep. Using the pregnancy pillow helps to keep the back from nonalignment - which is the normal cause of discomfort in the morning. The cover is also removable and washable and also has a lavish 360-thread count cotton makes for easy washing.

Pregnancy Pillow Guide Rating: 9/10


Thank you for visiting Pregnancy Pillow Guide. I hope this helps you in your search for the best pregnancy pillow. Ultimately, the choice is yours of which pregnancy pillow is best as some people prefer on over the other. However, these two are probably your best bet when it comes to picking the best pregnancy pillow for you.

We will review other styles and brands of the pregnancy pillow as we go along...

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