The Pregnancy Pillow Beyond Pregnancy

For one who is going thru the latter months of her pregnancy, the pregnancy pillow is a godsend. It supports the already stressed abdomen and lower back areas while you are sleeping. But what happens after the kid is born? Is it just used for nursing after? No. There is no reason why anyone who enjoys a good nights sleep cannot enjoy the benefits and muscle support, the pregnancy pillow brings.

The pregnancy pillow will make your sleep more comfortable regardless of what type of sleep position you prefer - whether you are a back, on your stomach, or sideways.

Back sleepers can place it under one side which will tilt their body a little bit. This will reduce snoring and is also good for the spine. The lower portion of the pregnancy pillow can be placed under the knees to support the pelvis.

Stomach sleepers as much as they don’t like it, usually suffer from headaches and start getting symptoms of carpal tunnel. The pregnancy pillow can be placed under their torso to tilt them a bit and eventually they can face down position to one of side sleeping without the seriously disrupting their sleeping habits

For side sleepers, the pregnancy pillow, specifically the long ones, can prove very comfortable as it supports your legs, hips and upper back. This is generally the most recommended position, whether or not your pregnant as it aligns the spine in its proper alignment by supporting the shoulders and hips as it holds the arms and legs in a position perpendicular to the axis of the body.

If you are a side sleeper, use three or four pillows to simulate what it would feel like. Put a pillow under your head (of course), one for your arms where you can rest your chin (this will support the neck). And another separate pillow in between your legs. The forth one, you really don’t need it, but you can put it on your back as well. This “pillow configuration” will help you get a nice, deep sleep.

The pregnancy pillow can help you sleep even beyond your pregnancy. As “feminine” as it may seem, it could also help men with their sleeping patterns. The support you receive while you are sleeping, not only can get you to sleep faster, deeper and better, but you will have more energy and more fresh in the mornings.