Pregnancy Pillow Review: Leacho Back 'N Belly Contoured Pregnancy Pillow

We and Pregnancy Pillow Guide would call this product by Leacho - the high risk high reward of the pregnancy pillow strata. Our researched showed that either this pregnancy pillows does all the things that pregnancy pillows are supposed to do (and more as some non-pregnant people might find this pregnancy pillow somewhat comfortable) or that is completely uncomfortable and, as it one of the more expensive brand of the pregnancy pillow out there, and not worth the investment.

High-Risks of the Leacho Pregnancy Pillow:

  • One of the inconveniences you may experience with this pillow include bulkiness. This pregnancy pillow is so huge that it will take most of the space of a queen sized bed (however, as your pregnancy progresses, you are probably using many pillows as a "make shift" pregnancy pillow anyway and already taking up a lot of space).
  • Another complaint of this pregnancy pillow is that it may cause neck pain. Some however, do not experience this problem.
  • The universal issue of this pregnancy pillow is that its very hard to remove it and even more so to put it back. Unless you can stand your own smell on your pregnancy pillow or can find a way for the pregnancy pillow not to accumulate so much dirt and sweat, it might not be worth the hassle of removing it to wash it and putting it back
  • If you are around 5'8" above, this pregnancy pillow is probably not for you. It is definitely not one size fits all and you will probably need an extra pillow between your legs. A "support pregnancy pillow" so to speak.
  • Sometimes, the thickness and bulkiness of this pregnancy pillow makes it accumulate heat quickly.
If you feel you are prone to any of these risks, than this pregnancy pillow is not for you.

The rewards of Leacho Pregnancy Pillow:

If your body likes this pregnancy pillow, this will probably be the best investment you can make in relation to your sleep. This brand of pregnancy pillow probably gives the best support among all the other pregnancy pillow out there. It covers all the bases - back, belly and legs. Its nice and snug and will keep you warm too.

More people than not like this pregnancy pillow. It really depends on your body. If it likes the pregnancy pillow, then lucky you...

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