What to look for in a pregnancy pillow

When choosing a pregnancy pillow it is difficult to know which is the best for you. There are different designs of the pregnancy pillow and each manufacturer of the pregnancy pillow claims that their pregnancy pillow is the best pregnancy pillow in the market. Of course they will say that!

When you ask people in the store, unless they have used a specific pregnancy pillow from their supplies, they don't care which pregnancy pillow you get? As long as the make the sale.

The very basic feature to look for in choosing a pregnancy pillow is that you should look for one that provides specific support for the areas in which you suffer the most sleep-preventing discomfort.

As women going through pregnancy find it difficult to get comfortable in bed and while lying on your left hand side with your knees slightly bent is the best position currently recommended by health care experts (as it facilitates supposedly circulation, digestion and waste expulsion by the body) it can take some getting used to, especially if you usually sleep on your front or back or are in the latter stages of pregnancy.

While regular pillows can be used to support your body, people who have experienced pregnancy will know that they are not enough. The Pregnancy pillow is specifically designed to relieve nighttime discomfort. It is said that the pregnancy pillow relieves pressure on the hips, back and joints and to support your growing bump.

The most basic pregnancy pillow tend to be in the form of wedges that you place under your bump or between your knees. Pregnancy pillow wedges help align the hips and the back into a more comfortable position and is probably the most economical option.

The body type of pregnancy pillow ranges from cylindrical tube shaped ones that you embrace so that your top leg and bump are supported, to more fancily designed ones that are supposed to make specific ailments more natural. The eccentrically shaped pregnancy pillow tend to be specifically designed to fit the contours of the pregnant mother and so relieve pressure in your lower back, hips, neck, legs and shoulders. There is also a pregnancy pillow designed for the whole body; this type of pregnancy pillow tend to be made from memory foam in order to provide support for the whole body while you are lying on them.

Additionally, it is best to get one that seems fairly durable and has a cover that is removable and washable as the pregnancy pillow are fantastic to use as nursing pillows when your baby is born.

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